Thursday, November 24, 2005

Back to the beach! Beach? What beach?
Getting back to the time long ago and how it relates to Minorcan Culture. That time is actually very interesting because the geologic triumvirate at that time mirrors the cultural reality of today. At that critical time when the Appalachian uplift came to a halt, the Mediterranean, North America and Africa (which gave birth to Florida) had all come together, smashed into a heap that only needed to wait for the evolution of humans to complete our cultural story. Somewhere about 220 million ybp, these geologic components began to drift apart.The part that would become the Mediterranean Sea began to move away with most of Africa. In the wake of this separation, the infant Atlantic ocean begin to form and fill with water. As fishermen, this would prove to be critically important to Minorcan Culture. Besides, we needed to migrate to Florida in 1768 by boat and that required an ocean to sail on. Details, details. A defiant piece of Africa, refused to leave, breaking off and adhering to North America, someday to be named Florida. And last, but not least, the magnificent Appalachian Mountains began to feel the wrath of time and what is certainly the earthly element closest to a Minorcan's heart...water (I know, I know, its a polar compound, whatever,its elemental to our culture). Slowly, massive chunks of granitic rock lost its grip and collapsed on a journey down miles of mountain side one tumble at a time. These ragged slides would have splintered into boulders that would continue there journey toward the new and morphing Atlantic Ocean. Worn by wind and water, these boulders surrendered their bulk to become stones and pebbles, washed by snowmelt and rain along creekbeds, ever toward the sea. At each stage, they were a victim to attrition of size until finally, they completed their journey and arrived at the ocean edge as sand grains. One by one, each grain of sand accumulated, flowing from the modern Carolina coastline southward in the longshore currents,to Florida to become a part of our river of sand, the beach! And, hey, what's a Minorcan without a beach? LOST! Toldya' it was related.

A (short) view from the Crack Shack
Happy Thanksgiving! Just so you will know, the first Thanksgiving among European cultures in what's now the US happened here in St. Augustine Florida in 1565, many decades before the celebration at Plimoth. Sorry, but it is a historical fact. The first Thanksgiving meal was probably more mullet and oysters, and hard Spanish barrel biscuits and than turkey. It's a day to celebrate family, no matter what its origin. It's our best holiday, and the most overlooked. I was going to boycott any business that decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but quickly realized that I would starve to death. Next year, I proclaim a campaign!


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